About Lutroo Imaging

Lutroo | λυτρόω (Greek): To release, to be set free.

“Our mission is to bring lutroo to the 1 in 5 adults worldwide who suffer from chronic pain.”

Lutroo Imaging is a team of scientists and healthcare professionals dedicated to solving the 1 trillion dollar global pain problem by developing the first patented technology to enable pain visualization. Radiocaine, a PET radiotracer, enables pain visualization, for the first time. Unlike MRI, x-ray, or CT, Radiocaine can identify the source of pain and measure its intensity. With the help of AI-based imaging analysis, Radiocaine will diagnose and quantify pain in under an hour. By revealing the source, healthcare professionals will be able to treat pain appropriately with earlier, targeted therapy. Lutroo Imaging aims to improve standard of care and decrease system costs, making pain diagnosis and management faster, cheaper, and more accurate.

Our Management Team

Braxton Norwood PhD, CEO

Clinical drug/radiotracer development expertise. Experienced biomedical entrepreneur. Co-founder of Redpoint Imaging. NIH Young Investigator Award.

Anthony Babb MS, COO

MS Mechanical/Biomedical Engineering, Critical Care RN, Co-founder of Redpoint Imaging (PET radiotracer production for an under-served market).

Our Advisors

Our Advisors are experts in chronic pain care, PET imaging, regulatory affairs, and pain neuroscience. They are an integral part of Lutroo’s efforts to bring Radiocaine to the clinic.

Development History

Lutroo Imaging

Setting chronic pain sufferers free with faster, cheaper and more accurate pain diagnosis.